Platform’s Proposals on the draft law proposed by the Health Ministry and the establishment of Drug Consumption Rooms in Greece


On Wednesday, February 20, a meeting of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament took place during which the proposed Draft Law of the Ministry of Health entitled “Private Clinics Statutory Framework, Modernization and Reformative recommendations, The National Public Health Organization establishment, the National Institute of Neoplasms and the other provisions establishment” was discussed.  Members of the greek Organizations’ Platform for Psychoactive Substances participated in the meeting, where they presented a series of proposals aimed at improving this legislative initiative.

Α relevant proposals’ memorandum was submitted to the Committee and the Minister of Health, Mr A. Xanthos.

In particular, Platform organizations, among others, propose:

  • the need for statutory and consistent civil society involvement in the formulation of national drug policy, therefore proposing the participation of our Platform in the National Planning and Coordination Committee for Addressing the Drug problem, by including a related amendment to Article 50 of Law 4139/2013
  • revision of Draft Law Article 91 regarding the operation of supervised drug consumption sites Aiming to improve the particular provision, to maximize the effectiveness of this intervention and to achieve its fundamental objectives -to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug use and promote the health and well being of people who use drugs , as well as reducing the drug-related harm for the neighbourhoods and the wider community (e.g. problematic issues relating to the described Registry Record for service recipients and its implications, as well as the great need for the involvement of local government and civil society organizations in the implementation of the intervention)
  • amendment of Article 60 of Law 4139/2013, which will legally protect all Harm Reduction interventions
  • the need for meaningful involvement of people who use drugs (PWUD) in the design and implementation of harm reduction interventions

You can read the full memorandum here

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